The 10 Largest Bridges in the World

Which bridges are among the 10 largest bridges in the world? The top 10 heralds a building in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain.

No. 10: The “King Fahd Causeway” is a 25 kilometer long bridge that was built in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The “König-Fahd-Damm”, as it is called in German, is a combination of a dam and a bridge connection.

No. 9: Between Lafayette in Louisiana and Baton Rouge (USA) there is a 29.29 kilometer bridge that spans the Atchafalaya Basin. This bridge consists of two parallel plate bridges made of reinforced concrete.

No. 8: The “Donghai Daqiao” is 32.5 kilometers long and is located in China. It was the first Chinese pier; Construction began in June 2005 – the bridge was opened at the end of 2005. Today the Chinese bridge connects the coast of Shanghai with the Luchao port.

No. 7: The “Hangzhou Bay Bridge” with a length of 36 kilometers is located over the Hangzhou Bay (China) and connects the cities of Shanghai and Ningbo. The six-lane bridge is also the longest sea bridge ever built.

No. 6: Louisiana (USA) has the sixth longest bridge in the world. Overall, this structure has a total length of 36.7 kilometers.

No. 5: The “Lake Pontchartrain Bridge” leads over the so-called Lake Pontchartrain in the state of Louisiana (USA). The bridge measures 38.37 kilometers in length.

No. 4 : The “Great Bridge of Beijing” measures 48.143 kilometers and at the same time forms the high-speed route between Shanghai and Beijing. The translation of the bridge takes around 20 minutes (operating speed).

No. 3: The longest girder bridge in the world – which is in 3rd place in the ranking – is located in Thailand. The “Bang Na Expressway” measures 54 kilometers.

No. 2: The “Great Bridge of Tianjin” has an unbelievable length of 113.7 kilometers and is considered another high-speed route between Shanghai and Beijing.

No. 1: With an incredible length of 164.8 kilometers, the “Great Bridge of Danyang-Kunshan” or the “Pinyin Danyang-Kunshan da qiao” is the longest bridge in the world. The railway viaduct also represents a high-speed route between Beijing and Shanghai. The bridge was built – largely – from prefabricated parts. The bridge itself lies between Nanjing and Shanghai (eastern China) – or rather in Jiangsu. The route opened on June 30, 2011; the cost was $ 8.5 billion.

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