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Argentina Geology Part 2

The great Cenozoic uplift of the Andes is in chronological order the last purchase of the Argentine territory towards the west. The lands of the Mesozoic itself, from the Trias, were affected. Lias and Jura up to the Cretaceous, with the eruptive expansions interspersed in the same series, in a first phase that falls in… Read More »

Argentina Geology

The geological knowledge of Argentina, which begins with the works of D’Orbigny (1842), Darwin and Burmeister, thanks to the interest of the government of the republic as well as the initiatives of private explorers and scholars, has made by now such progress that it is possible to sketch, albeit in broad strokes, a fairly complete… Read More »

Finland Trips: Northern Lights, Midnight Sun and Sauna

Finland convinces with several natural spectacles. In winter, when it is sometimes dark for weeks, you have the chance in Finnish Lapland to see the magical northern lights dance in the sky. The exact opposite of darkness is called the midnight sun, in which the sun does not set at all. Although not a natural… Read More »

Attractions in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa: The gateway to Africa Johannesburg is the hub of many European airlines and the starting point for many South Africa tours to the highlights of the country, such as the Kruger National Park. The largest metropolis in South Africa with four million inhabitants is the capital of Gauteng Province and the economic… Read More »

Attractions in Namibia

Kolmannskuppe (Kolmanskop) From the affluent industrial city to the abandoned ghost town In the south of Namibia, only 15 km east of the port city of Lüderitz, the ruins of Kolmannskuppe, which was founded in 1908 by the employee of the Deutsche Reichsbahn August Stauch, are partly hidden under sand dunes. It is easy to… Read More »

Sightseeing in Scotland

Highland Games Strong men in kilts, flying logs, iron weights and bagpipe music are the hallmarks of the Highland Games. Scottish-style sporting competitions have existed in the highlands since time immemorial. Every spring and summer, Scotland hosts numerous Highland Games. The Cowal Highland Gathering, better known as the Cowal Games, is the largest of these… Read More »

Netherlands Attractions

Oude Kerk When traveling to Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, a visit to the Oude Kerk, the old church, is a must. The Oude Kerk is Amsterdam’s oldest preserved building. At this place there used to be a wooden chapel in a cemetery. The first stone church was built here in the 13th century, later a… Read More »

Thailand State Overview

The country of Thailand was previously known as Siam. This name was first changed in 1939 to Prathet Thai and again in 1949 (having been reversed during WWII). Prathet means “country” and the word Thai means “free” or “freedom” in the Thai language, a word that is also the name of the majority ethnic group in Thailand (an ethnic group… Read More »

Brazil Geography

Geographic situation The Federal Republic of Brazil is the largest country in South America. It occupies about half of the South American territory. Brazil has borders with all the countries of South America, except Chile. To the north Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and the Atlantic Ocean ; to the south Uruguay ; to the west Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru and to the northeast Colombia. The Brazilian territory is crossed by two very important geographical… Read More »

Syria Main Cities

Hama Hama, city ​​in central Syria, on the Orontes, administrative seat of the Hama Governorate, (2004) 313,000 residents. According to bridgat, Hama is located in the middle of a fertile, densely populated arable plain, the floodplains of which until recently (1982) were irrigated by large ancient bucket wheels (noria); modern industrial plants (textiles, cement, artificial… Read More »

Vatican City Overview

According to bridgat, Vatican City [v], officially Italian Stato della Città del Vaticano [t ʃ it ta], German State of Vatican City, is an independent, ranging from Rome by the Lateran Treaty in 1929 created papal territory with (2019) 1000 residents. Population Citizens of the Vatican City are exclusively the Curia Cardinals residing in Rome, the… Read More »

Customized trip – Everest Base Camp Hiking

Basic travel information The Everest Base Camp hiking trail runs through small sherpa villages and Buddhist monasteries to the legendary Mount Everest base camp. Accommodation for hiking takes place in hiking lodges run by locals. The ascent to the base camp takes a total of eleven days. The trip culminates in the ascent to the… Read More »

Everest Three-pass Hiking

DAY 1 – FLIGHTS TO KATHMANDU Flights from Helsinki overnight to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. DAY 2 – KATHMANDU Arrival in Kathmandu and last minute purchases for hiking. We dive into the hustle and bustle of the city to exchange money and explore the local restaurant offerings. ACCOMMODATION IN HOTEL MOONLIGHT OR SIMILAR DAY… Read More »

France Arts and Literature

CULTURE: LITERATURE. CONTEMPORARY CRITICISM Even more precise reflections of contemporary cultural renewal can be felt in the various currents of criticism. As regards the mentioned influence exerted by the human sciences (and by the structuralist method that derives from it), think of the paradigmatic function of authors such as the ethnologist C. Lévi-Strauss (b.1908), the… Read More »

Return to Germany

There are many reasons for a return to the old homeland, for example the death of a spouse, accident, fraud, bankruptcy, language difficulties, cultural problems, unemployment, children’s education, family help or simply homesickness. And there’s no shame in taking that step at all. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for a return and a successful new… Read More »

The Contemporary History of Britain Part III

Brexit debate The debate about the British’s relationship with the EU was not new. It had been ongoing more or less since Britain joined the Union in 1973. Especially in the Conservative Party, the EU question had been divisive, and the right wing of the party had long expressed a desire to leave the Union.… Read More »

The Contemporary History of Britain Part II

Financial Crisis In the first year after the change of prime minister, Brown also had to constantly record new lows on his popularity curve. Increasing demands for his departure, including from prominent positions in his own ranks, reinforced the impression of a serious crisis in the party. The picture changed temporarily when the financial crisis… Read More »

The Contemporary History of Britain Part I

Iraq war Following the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 9, 2001 and the subsequent “War on Terror”, Britain joined the United States in the Iraq war in 2003. The United Kingdom was the United States’ foremost political and military partner, a war Prime Minister Tony Blair termed as the last resort after… Read More »

Africa Population and Transportation

Location Africa extends 8,000 km from north to south (from latitude 37 ° 20 ′ north to latitude 34 ° 52 ′ south) and over 7,600 km from west to east (from longitude 17 ° 33 ′ west to 51 ° 23 ′eastern longitude). Africa has the least indented coastline of all continents. The Gulf… Read More »

Oceania Climate

Compared to other parts of the Earth, the incidence of climatic factors linked to the presence of continental masses is limited on the vast surfaces of the Pacific, if we exclude Australia, whose large surfaces determine an accentuated continentality (both incidentally and also for as regards hydrography, a development of a certain consistency exists only… Read More »

Europe Climate

From the climatic point of view, Europe – although it is almost entirely included in the temperate climate zone – can be divided into three major domains: that of the temperate oceanic or Atlantic climate, that of Mediterranean Europe, subtropical, and that of continental Europe. Oriental. The dividing lines between these three areas are not… Read More »

Asia Overview

Asia, the largest part of the world (around 44.6 million km 2), with 4,463 million people, more than half of the world’s population. Together with Europe, Asia forms the contiguous land mass of Eurasia. Asia is bounded in the west by the Ural Mountains and the Ural River, by the Manych lowlands, the Black Sea… Read More »

Types of Travel in South America

Trekking in South America Trekking is an obvious activity when traveling to South America. Even we have hiked Peru sparsely and we like to do it again and again. The route along the Inca Trail that takes us to the forgotten Inca Empire, Machu Picchu, is an extremely popular trek in Peru. Special permission is… Read More »

Great Britain Embassies and Consulates

Representations of Great Britain in Germany The current embassy building was built on the site of the old British embassy, ​​which was damaged by bombs during the war and completely destroyed by fire after the war. The remains were later removed by the GDR authorities, and the property was fallow until 1998. The plans for… Read More »

The Galapagos Boats

Archipel Catamaran Galapagos Archipel is a really good catamaran in the “Tourist Superior” class, the level above the otherwise ordinary tourist class. The catamarans are from 2004 and can only accommodate 16 passengers in eight nice cabins with double beds or twin (not bunk beds), private shower / toilet and air conditioning. Like most catamarans… Read More »

Tonga Animals and Plants

Islands (almost) without poisonous animals There are no wild animals on Tonga, also (almost) none that are poisonous. The only exception is the centipede, which can bite and whose bite causes uncomfortable pain and swelling. He is also known as Molokau. However, its bite is not threatening. Here you have to be careful, because these… Read More »

Brazilian Hydrography

The abundant presence of rivers is a characteristic of Brazilian hydrography: the country has some of the largest hydrographic basins in the world. General features Brazil is bathed by long and flowing rivers, due to the hot and humid climate. The relief, on the other hand, interferes with the presence of numerous waterfalls and, mainly,… Read More »

How to Get a Turkmenistan Visa

According to various lists, around 7,000 to 9,000 visitors receive visas for Turkmenistan each year. This includes transit travelers and business tourists. This makes the country one of the least visited states in the world. The few visitors basically have three visa options to choose from. In any case, and even after all formal requirements… Read More »

Pernambuco, Brazil Economy

Economy Agriculture and Livestock Pernambuco is the second Brazilian producer of sugarcane. The forest area is home to more than ninety percent of the plantations. Other important products in the state are cotton (arboreal and herbaceous) and cassava. The bean has less dispersion than the cassava, as it has little spread in the forest area… Read More »