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Neringa, Lithuania

According to, Neringa is a city and part-time resort located on the Lithuanian part of the Curonian Spit. There is unusual nature, the highest dunes in Europe and wonderful healing opportunities. The resort is a narrow peninsula with a length of 97 km, separating the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. Families with children… Read More »

State Route 836 in Florida

  SR-836 Get started sweet water End Miami Length 14 mi Length 23 km Route NW 137th Avenue→ Homestead Extension NW 107th Avenue NW 87th Avenue → Palmetto Expressway NW 72nd Avenue Red Road NW 45th Avenue NW 42nd Avenue NW 37th Avenue NW 17th Avenue NW 12th Avenue → Jacksonville According to, State… Read More »

Sighnaghi, Georgia

Sighnaghi is a very nice city in Kakheti, whose cozy streets are located right on the mountain slope. Its fortress, founded in the 17th century, is considered the only one in Georgia that has completely preserved the defensive walls. Today, this important military facility is occupied by tourists – watchtowers offer breathtaking views of the… Read More »

Jungfrau, Switzerland

According to wholevehicles, the Jungfrau is the third highest peak in the Bernese Alps and one of the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland. The snow-white Jungfrau and the nearby black mountain Schwarzmench became the basis for the legend of the unrequited love of a black monk for a young maiden, which every tourist who comes… Read More »

Orlando, Florida

City of Theme Parks The city of Orlando is located in the central east of the US state of Florida, USA. About 240,000 people live in Orlando. However, the city is located in a densely populated metropolitan area of ​​the North American coastal state. Downtown Orlando at Lake Eola in a sea of ​​lights at… Read More »

Niagara Falls in New York

A very impressive sight is the Niagara Falls in the state of New York on the border with the Canadian province of Ontario. A breathtaking and unforgettable natural spectacle, the falls are created from the Niagara River. The word “Niagara” means “thundering water” to the native people. The waters of Niagara Falls come from the… Read More »

Morocco Fast Facts

Morocco is located in northern Africa and borders Algeria. The border with the territory of the Western Sahara is disputed. The area has been claimed by Morocco since its release from Spanish colonial rule. In the north, only the Strait of Gibraltar separates the country from the European continent and thus Spain. Morocco is a… Read More »

China Fast Facts

China is one of the largest countries on earth in terms of area and has an incredible 1,300 million inhabitants. It borders 14 other countries in Asia and therefore plays a central role alongside Russia on the continent, but also worldwide. The communist-ruled country is varied, exciting and has a long history rich in culture.… Read More »

United Kingdom Fast Facts

Great Britain is an island country in north-western Europe that is no longer part of the EU as of 2020. The United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. The country only borders directly on Ireland. Great Britain is rich in sights, castles, impressive nature and exciting traditions. See ANDYEDUCATION for education in United Kingdom.… Read More »

Mexico Fast Facts

Mexico is located in North America, bordered by the United States to the north and Belize and Guatemala to the south. Ancient pyramids and places of worship, fantastically beautiful beaches, deserts and pine forests – Mexico has many exciting sides. However, when traveling across the country, travelers should always pay attention to their safety and… Read More »

Denver in Colorado

The Mile High City According to liuxers, Denver is the capital of the US state of Colorado and is located in the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Denver is 1,600 meters, or rather exactly one mile, above sea level. Therefore, the city is also referred to as ” The Mile High City “. Due… Read More »

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

In the land of geysers According to Acronymmonster, Yellowstone National Park is probably the most famous national park in the USA. The park has to cope with an annual tourist flow of three million people. Yellowstone National Park is mostly in the US state of Wyoming. 3% of the national park is in Montana and… Read More »

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory (USA) — detailed description, address, opening hours, how to get there. Information about curricula and courses, reviews. The Griffith Observatory is one of the iconic places in Los Angeles. The idea of ​​its creation arose in 1908, when Colonel Jenkins Griffith saw the starry sky through the largest telescope at that time and… Read More »

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden (Dallas, USA): detailed description, address and photo. Opportunities for sports and recreation, infrastructure, cafes and restaurants in the park. Reviews of tourists. Arboretum and Botanical Garden of Dallas with an area of ​​more than 250 thousand square meters. m is located on the southeastern shore of White Rock Lake. There… Read More »

Florida Keys, Florida

Florida Keys – the main resorts and areas, excursions and attractions, museums, reviews of tourists about the Florida Keys. According to toppharmacyschools, Florida Keys is a chain of paradise islands that start 24 km from Miami. The archipelago stretches across the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of kilometers and includes 1,700 islands. The capital is the… Read More »

Cody, Wyoming

Guide to Cody: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. Highlights of Cody: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and shopping. According to toppharmacyschools, Cody is located in northwestern Wyoming, near the eastern border of Yellowstone National Park. Unlike its neighbor,… Read More »

Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge from A to Z: map of hotels and ski areas, slopes and pistes, lifts and ski passes. Bright photos and videos. Reviews of tourists-skiers about Breckenridge. Breckenridge is imbued with the spirit of old America, which fills the resort guests with a special charm of the evening. Here you can admire the magnificent snow… Read More »

Papua New Guinea Attractions

New Ireland and the Admiralty Islands are off the beaten track. There are no trees on the Northwest Admiralty Islands. The islanders make canoes from logs driven down the Sepik. Bougainville and Buka are separated by a series of islets. Bougainville caters to tourists. There is excellent diving and swimming off the coast; the island… Read More »

The Republican of Valparaíso, Chile

In 1811 the first National Congress was formed and it was inaugurated in the atrium of the church of La Matriz. This congress ratifies the approval of the royal decree of 1802 and approves it by decree on August 9, 1811. The 28 of November of 1811 the Cabildo of Valparaiso acknowledges and sends the order to apply the title of “Very Noble and Illustrious City”.… Read More »

Geography of Namibia

General information about Namibia The official name is The Republic of Namibia. Located in southern Africa. The area is 825.4 thousand km2, the population is 1.8 million people. (2002, estimate). The official language is English. The capital is Windhoek (210 thousand people, 2002, estimate). Public holiday – Independence Day March 21 (since 1990). The monetary… Read More »

Geography of Poland

Poland is located between 14°08′ and 24°09′ East latitude and 54°50′ and 49°00′ North latitude. The length from south to north is 649 km, from west to east – 689 km. Poland is washed from the north by the Baltic Sea. The length of the coastline is 788 km. The shores of the Baltic Sea… Read More »

Nightclubs in Istanbul, Turkey

CLUBS BEYOGLU. Nightclub Babylon Performance Club is the best nightclub in Istanbul, with live music, one of the best jazz clubs in the world. Turkish and foreign performers of jazz, reggae and modern dance music regularly perform here. Drinks are expensive. Tickets for concerts, which can be bought in the afternoon at the ticket office… Read More »

Eleuthera and New Providence, Bahamas

Eleuthera Eleuthera is located 95 km east of Nassau. Eleuthera Island is of coral origin. It has the shape of a crescent (180 km long and in some places only about 2 km wide) and constantly changes its landscape under the influence of strong winds, carrying huge masses of sand, and waves. Sand dunes have… Read More »

Wangby, Vietnam

Uong Bi is a city of the first category, located in the northern part of Vietnam, in the west of Quang Ninh province. The city is far from the capital countries 130 km to the east. Wang Bi is located near the northern border of Vietnam, which makes this city of strategic importance. The city… Read More »

Cities and Sights of Capri, Italy

Cities There are only two cities on the island – Capri and Anacapri. Capriis the main city and capital of the island. Two harbors adjoin the city – Marina Grande (Marina Grande) and Marina Piccola (Marina Piccola), where the most popular beach on the island is located. The port of Marina Grande was built in… Read More »

The Golden Gate Bridge, California

The Golden Gate Bridge has drawn numerous tourists for decades. They can also cross the Art Deco style bridge on foot. Because in addition to the lanes for traffic, the beauty also has a pedestrian crossing on the bay side in the east. For a walk over the span of 1,280 kilometers there and back,… Read More »

Vietnam Recent History Part II

The conflict took a new turn after the Tet (Buddhist New Year) offensive of January-March 1968: equipped with Soviet missiles and refueled via the “Hô Chi Minh runway”, in Laotian territory, the Viet-Cong went so far as to attack with a daring foray into the outskirts of Saigon. The military events in Indochina had considerable… Read More »

Vietnam Recent History Part I

The Asian conference in Geneva (May 8-July 21, 1954), putting an end to the state of war, however, had left the ways of peaceful development undetermined. The final documents spoke of a single state of the Vietnam and of “displacement zones” of the two opposing sides, established that the Vietnamese territory was closed to the… Read More »