Barbados As a Tourist Country

By | January 2, 2021

A relaxed atmosphere

In Barbados you can relax on the stunning beaches, take an active holiday with water sports or learn about its interesting history. The capital Bridgetown has the best shopping spots on the island, the best beaches for the holidaymaker on the west and south sides of the island, and rugged scenery and surf waves in the eastern parts of the island.

Barbados has plenty of warmth and sun all year round and the sea water is bright turquoise. The island is known for its sugar plantations, rum, reggae and relaxed lifestyle.


British influences from Barbados

Although the first inhabitants of Barbados were the Arawak Indians, the actual history of the island does not begin until the 17th century, when England made it a colony by Captain John Powell. Barbados remained under British rule for more than 300 years before independence in 1966.

The history of Barbados as a British colony is still visible – the afternoon tea moments and the national sport of cricket are clear influences from British culture. The official language of Barbados, English, makes the tropical island an easy holiday destination.

The diversity of Barbados is delightful

Short for BB by abbreviationfinder, Barbados is a diverse resort from which, in addition to tropical beaches, tourists can also find rolling mountains and lively villages. The magnificent plantations in the central part of the island are reminiscent of a time when the economy of the whole country was largely dependent on sugar production and rum production. Barbados ’rainbow-colored houses are lively colored spots of lush palm trees and turquoise against the sea.

The best shopping can be found in the capital, Bridgetown, where you can find souvenirs on the Broad Street shopping street. According to countryaah, the capital of Barbados is also worth a visit for its charming Caribbean rum stores.

Flights to Barbados

In the evening, Barbados heads to enjoy local delicacies. The island’s food selection is quite varied, but Barbados eat a lot of fish, pork and chicken. The most traditional dish in the country is Flying fish, which is served with cou coun, a side dish made from cornmeal. After dinner, reggae rhythms lead to the best beach parties. Every Friday there is the best party of the week, at the Oisitins Fismarket, which brings together both locals and tourists.

Active holiday in Barbados

Although there are usually peaceful sandy beaches in the minds of travelers to Barbados, you can also spend an active holiday on the island. Holidaymakers who are especially interested in water sports will be delighted – in Barbados you can snorkel, dive, surf and water ski. You can also enjoy the sea atmosphere by sailing or taking a diving boat trip. Snorkeling can be combined with a nice boat ride, during which you can meet the turtles.

Barbados also has plenty to see and do during your vacation. The zoo welcomes the whole family, while those interested in local culture and history head to the Barbados Museum. Barbados is quite a small island that can be easily explored by renting a car or taking a guided tour.

Good to know about Barbados

Barbados is a beach holidaymaker’s dream destination, where both sun worshipers and water enthusiasts thrive. The country’s tropical climate keeps the thermometer at nearly 30 degrees year-round. From June to October, there is a risk of a hurricane in the Caribbean. The best time to travel to Barbados is winter or spring.

Barbados is a relatively safe destination, however, you should exercise normal caution. The most common crimes against tourists are related to pickpocketing. Barbados has left-hand traffic. Although the island is small in area, it is worth taking the time to drive because the roads are winding and narrow and traffic signs are often deficient.

The use of off-road patterned and colored clothing is prohibited in Barbados and many other Caribbean islands.

Barbados has one of the cleanest drinking waters in the world, so tap water can be enjoyed in the sun.



Flights to Barbados

There are package tours from Finland to Barbados. Tour operators’ package tours are the easiest way to travel to a distant island.

Self-employed travelers can inquire about seats on tour operators’ flights or search for scheduled flights via London, for example. However, there are no direct flights from Finland to Barbados. There are also, of course, plenty of air connections from the United States to Barbados.

Barbados ’only airport, Grantley Adams International, is located about 13 miles from the capital, Bridgetown. In addition to flights, nearly half a million cruise ship tourists arrive in Barbados each year.

Accommodation in Barbados

Unlike many other islands of paradise, Barbados also offers affordable accommodation. Luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts are concentrated on the west coast of the island, while the tourist center on the south coast offers a wide range of accommodation for all budgets.

Getting around Barbados

In the resorts themselves, Barbados can be easily reached on foot or even by bicycle. Barbados also has an extensive bus network that allows you to travel almost anywhere on the island. However, it is not worth staring too closely at timetables.

There are plenty of taxis in Barbados. Taxi meters are not in use, but usually drivers have a price list ready. The price should definitely be agreed in advance.

Car hire in Barbados is quite expensive, but your own rental car is a convenient way to see the whole island. The car rental company should also pay attention to the traffic on the left side of Barbados.


The colorful capital of Bridgetown

The vibrant capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, is also the only city on the island. A day in Bridgetown is spent casually shopping and watching the hustle and bustle of people – and of course sipping rum. In addition to rum, good gifts include local crafts found on the Broad Street shopping street. Known for its colonial-style buildings, Bridgetown also has a beautiful natural harbor.

The calm west coast of Barbados

The west coast of Barbados has several beautiful beaches that are peaceful and suitable for tourists dreaming of a beach paradise. There are also many high-quality hotels and holiday villages in the western part of the island. Divers will also enjoy the clear waters of the west coast.

The south coast is a center of tourism

The south coast of Barbados is the busiest tourist area in the country, with plenty of hotels and inns in all star ratings. The south and southeast coasts also have stunning beaches such as Dover Beach and Crane Beach, hailed as the best beach on the island.


Surfers in Bathsheba

The east coast of Barbados is not an actual tourist area. Enjoying good waves, Bathsheba is popular with surfers, and the East Coast attracts active holidaymakers from hikers to divers.


The best experiences in Barbados

  1. Soak up the day on the best beaches in Barbados such as Crane Beach.
  2. Shop in bustling Bridgetown.
  3. Snorkel with sea turtles or try surfing.
  4. Rent a car and take an island tour.
  5. Enjoy local cuisine and experience the nightlife at the beach party.

Disadvantages of Barbados

  1. The trip to Barbados with stopovers is long and expensive.
  2. During the summer months, Barbados is at risk of a hurricane.
  3. Eating in restaurants is quite expensive in Barbados.