Best Travel Time for Bali

By | May 4, 2021

The ideal travel time for exciting activities in Bali

If you decide to travel to Bali during the dry season, you can look forward to many activities. Surfing, diving, snorkeling and climbing Gunung Agung are popular activities this season.

Snorkeling and diving in Bali

Those who want to marvel at the underwater world in all its splendor while diving and snorkeling have a good chance in the months of June to October . During this time, the underwater visibility is extremely good and not clouded by rain showers. In the rainy season, the heavy monsoon rains whirl up the sea and restrict the view underwater. In the months immediately following the rainy season, the sea has not yet recovered from the turmoil. Because of this, the underwater visibility is clouded in April and May.

Ascent of the Gunung Agung

Ascent of the Gunung Agung

A must on your Bali vacation is the ascent of Gunung Agung . It is the highest volcano on the Indonesian island and rises more than 3,100 meters. Since the showers flood and soften the paths, I advise you not to climb in the rainy season. In the dry season it rarely rains, if at all. So you can benefit from the perfect conditions for an ascent of the volcano. The same applies to hiking in the higher elevations of the island. If you explore the landscape on a trekking tour in the dry season, don’t worry about the extremely high humidity as in the rainy time of the year.

Although the dry season is best for all of these activities, you can do them in the rainy season as well. During this time you don’t have to forego anything. You can now find out what exactly the rainy season means and what to expect if you are on the island during this time.

Rainy season in Bali

According to JUSTINSHOES, the rainy season in Bali is from November to April . These months are characterized by an increased number of rainy days. That doesn’t mean that there will be constant rain on these days. Many people think that when they find out the best time to travel. This way of thinking is wrong. The north-west monsoon characterizes the rainy season in Bali, but it doesn’t rain for days. The tropical rain behaves differently. It can rain extremely hard, but it only rains for a short time. Then the sun shines again, the sand on the beach and the paths dry. You can leave your accommodation and continue exploring the island or lie on the beach. Many holidaymakers do not travel to Bali during the rainy season because they cannot cope with the extremely high humidity. The humidity on the island is extremely high all year round. But the rainy season tops the values ​​and increases them to a maximum.

Rainy season Bali in the monthly overview:

  • November: 7 rainy days, 6.5 hours of sunshine, 31.5 ° C
  • December: 12 rainy days, 6 hours of sunshine, 31 ° C
  • January: 15 rainy days, 5 hours of sunshine, 31.5 ° C
  • February: 13 rainy days, 5.5 hours of sunshine, 31 ° C
  • March: 12 rainy days, 6 hours of sunshine, 31 ° C
  • April: 7 rainy days, 6.5 hours of sunshine, 31.5 ° C

Weather in Bali – regional differences

The tropical climate in Bali ensures constant temperatures throughout the year. The average annual temperatures refer to the flat areas of the island. At the heights of the mountain range in the heart of the island, different values ​​apply. It’s cooler there than, for example, on the coasts. In the higher areas, the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. That is significantly cooler than on the coasts and the urban areas of the island. At night the temperature can drop below ten degrees Celsius . Another regional difference is the increased rainfall in the mountains . Furthermore, the mountains influence the weather in the other regions of the island. In the south, for example, it rains more often and heavily than in the north.

Rainy season in Bali


If you want to enjoy the Indonesian island with guaranteed summer weather, I recommend traveling to Bali in the dry season . From May to October you will find the best conditions for an unforgettable vacation in the Indian Ocean. The best months to travel are June, July, August and September. The ideal travel time for a family vacation during the summer vacation. If you want to save on your Bali trip and meet fewer tourists, you can switch to the rainy season. The air and water temperatures are also wonderful in the months of November to March. The only drawbacks of these months are the increased number of rainy days and the extreme humidity. Which travel time you ultimately decide on: Bali is a dream and worth a trip.