Best Travel Time for Koh Samui

By | April 20, 2021

Koh Samui is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. Other well-known spellings and names are Ko Samui and Samui . Together with Koh Tao and Koh Phangan and hundreds of other islands, Koh Samui is part of the Samui archipelago . The second largest island of Thailand is part of the Surat Thani Province . Along with Phuket, it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand, attracting masses of holidaymakers who are in search of paradise. Whoever is wondering when is the best time to visit Koh Samui, just get all the information here. You will receive weather information and a climate table, from which you can see all data on air and water temperatures, hours of sunshine and rainy days. You will find out everything about the dry and rainy season and I will give you many more tips.

When is the best time to visit Koh Samui?

According to Healthvv, the second largest island in Thailand is a year-round destination . Basically, there are fantastic temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and more on Koh Samui all year round. However, there are certain months that turn out to be particularly recommended for a vacation. The months of January , February and March have emerged as the best travel time for Koh Samui . The explanation is simple: In these months the perfect weather is waiting for you.

The temperatures are high, but bearable. At night it doesn’t cool down to below 24 degrees Celsius, but you have air conditioning in the hotel room. The water temperature during the best travel time is 27 to 28 degrees Celsius. You shouldn’t expect any cooling off at the temperatures! Another advantage of this time of year are the few rainy days that you have to fear in the months. February scores with the fewest rainy days. It’s only four days for the entire month. There are five rainy days in March and eight rainy days in January. If you catch a rainy day on your Thailand vacation, you can expect it to rain heavily, but only for a short time. For comparison: During the rainy season on Koh Samui there are 20 rainy days a month. If you travel to the island in January, February or March, a calm sea awaits you in which you can splash around as you please.

Koh Samui travel time at a glance:

  • Best travel time:January, February, March
  • Optimal but hot travel time:April to August / September

If you have no problem with extreme heat, high humidity and a higher probability of rain, the travel time can be in the months of March , April , May , June , July or August. Even in these months there is great weather on the island, which is why they are also the best time to travel to Koh Samui. The temperatures are higher than in December, January and February, but experienced holidaymakers can withstand it. Swimming in the sea is also not a problem, as the temperature, like all year round, is 27 to 28 degrees. The only disadvantage: there can be more precipitation. From April the number of rainy days increases to 13 days and in September you have to reckon with 19 rainy days. In addition, the hours of sunshine drop to five per day. But even with rain and fewer hours of sunshine, the midsummer temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius and more remain.

Best travel time for island hopping: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

Those planning a vacation on Koh Samui should also consider visiting Koh Phangan and Koh Tao . Due to the favorable location of the three islands, island hopping is ideal. You can consider whether you book a hotel on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao or explore them on a day trip. For both versions prevails best time in January , February and March . Those who can pack heat well can do island hopping in the hot season from April to September. Basically: If you travel to Koh Samui, you can also travel to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. The climate and weather are similar on all three islands.

Climate and weather on Koh Samui

The island of Samui (Koh and Ko means island) is located in the tropical climate zone . The climate is changeable and humid all year round . It is around 30 degrees Celsius all year round and in a few months the thermometer reaches peak values ​​of 40 degrees Celsius. This is especially possible in the months from March to August. The humidity is permanently high, which can affect many holidaymakers’ circulation at high temperatures.

Although there are different seasons on Koh Samui, they are not as pronounced compared to the mainland. Nevertheless, a distinction is made between three seasons , which differ mainly in the number of rainy days and only slightly in the air and water temperature. The entire island is under the influence of the monsoons. It ensures that it rains above average from September / October to December . The months of September, October, November and December are therefore considered the rainy season on Koh Samui. During these months it rains for 14 to 20 days. At the top with the most rainy days and the highest rainfall is November. It is not uncommon for heavy monsoon rains to occur. The values ​​in November are followed by October and December. Although May is not part of the rainy season, but rather the so-called hot season, it can still be very rainy. The hot season is from March to September. These months are characterized by high temperatures, many rainy days and an even higher level of humidity. Temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius are not uncommon. At 28 to 29 degrees Celsius, the sea is not cool, but rather like a warm bathtub. The third season on Koh Samui is called the cool season. It prevails from November to February and thus overlaps with the rainy season on Koh Samui. However, cool does not mean that there are no summer temperatures. On the contrary. In November, December, January and February it is up to 30 degrees Celsius – like in the whole year. In the months there are also days when it is cooler, for example only 26 degrees Celsius, but it remains warm with a high level of humidity.

The seasons at a glance:

cool season November – February
hot season March – September
Rainy season September / October – December

Climate table for Koh Samui

Jan Feb March Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Max. Temperature in ° C 29 29.5 31 32 32.5 32 32 32 31.5 31 29.5 29
Min. Temperature in ° C 24 25 26 26 26 26 25 25 25 24.5 24 24
Hours of sunshine per day 8 7 8 10 8 6 5 5 5 6 7 8
Water temperature in ° C 27 28 28 29 29 29 28 28 28 28 28 27
Rainy days per month 8 4 5 13 16 17 16 16 19 20 20 14

Tips for rainy days on Koh Samui

In the months of January, February and March the number of rainy days is low compared to other months. In the following months it rises and it rains more often. If it rains on your vacation , it rains briefly, but heavily. In November it rains particularly often and the probability is high that your vacation will literally fall into the water. But that shouldn’t bother you, because you don’t have to stay in your hotel room all day.

Thai cooking class

For example, a cooking class is worthwhile on rainy days . You stand in the kitchen and get to know Koh Samui from the culinary side. You eat your own cooked Thai food and spend a wonderful time with other vacationers.

Thai spa

Another way to brave the rainy weather is to have a spa day . There are great spas on Koh Samui and many hotels have their own. If you travel to the island at a rainy time, you can make provisions and book a hotel with a wellness facility directly. Get a massage, have a facial and enjoy the fine art of pampering. The Thais can do that extremely well and forget the tropical rainy weather outside.

For a Thailand vacation on Koh Samui the whole year is possible. But if you want to explore the island when there is little rainfall, the best time to travel is from January to March . Keep in mind that this is the main travel time for Koh Samui. There are many other vacationers from all over the world and accordingly you have to expect higher hotel and flight prices. The months of April to August are also suitable for die-hard sun worshipers . But note: During this time, temperatures can rise to 40 degrees Celsius. With these values, even a bath in the warm Gulf of Thailand is no cooling off. Nevertheless, the hot season is considered to be popular with many holidaymakers.

A tip for planning your Koh Samui trip: Many European vacationers come from July to early September. During these months, the summer holidays prevail in many parts of Europe , which many use for a vacation on the dream island.

When is the best time to visit Koh Samui