Cape Verde – Long Beaches and African Exotics

By | January 4, 2021

The islands of Cape Verde offer the holidaymaker great beach views, sure warmth and a relaxed holiday atmosphere. Read the Beach Ball Destination Guide and plan your own vacation.

Nature, sun and local culture

According to countryaah, the Cape Verde archipelago is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 500 kilometers off the coast of West Africa at the height of Senegal. Cape Verde consists of a total of 13 islands, the most popular destinations being Sal, Boa Vista, Santo Antão and Santiago.

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Cape Verde is constantly growing in popularity among tourists as a slightly more exotic beach holiday destination. In addition to water activities and the sun, Cape Verde also offers unforgettable experiences with local art and food. You get the most out of your Cape Verde holiday when you visit several islands during your trip – they are quite different in nature.

African and Portuguese influences

Cape Verde was an uninhabited archipelago until the 1450s, when it was discovered by the Portuguese. Indeed, many Cape Verdeans have both African and Portuguese roots.

Cape Verde has great beaches, rugged landscapes shaped by volcanoes and lush oases. Of the islands, Sal is the most popular travel destination by nature, while Santo Antão is, according to the name of the archipelago, a green island. Cape Verde has great cuisine and especially the fish and seafood dishes are tasty and fresh. When holidaying in the islands, you should also try Cape Verde’s national dish, cachupa, which is made from beans and fish or meat.

The Atlantic winds provide an excellent opportunity for surfing and there are numerous other water sports on the islands. The local culture, music and dance also offer experiences for the traveler.

The greenery of Cape Verde’s countryside is surprising.

Good to know about Cape Verde

Above all, Cape Verde is a beach resort suitable for the traveler looking for relaxed sun worship and water sports. The islands also have beautiful nature and sports opportunities for hikers, for example.

The tourism industry in Cape Verde is not very old yet, so the holidaymaker is sure to find authentic and original culture. On the other hand, this can also mean slightly more modest services than in many other tourist destinations. Cape Verde is not worth the trip for shopping and nightlife. Cape Verde has sometimes been compared to the Canary Islands decades ago, when the tourism industry had not yet conquered the Canary Islands as it is today.

The peaceful Cape Verde is also ideal for families with children. However, it is worth noting that there are no Theme Parks on the islands, typical of many tourist destinations, which older children may need. However, sand games on long beaches are enough to entertain at least the little ones. Cape Verde is a safe destination, but in case of pickpockets and robberies, you should keep your eyes open in the same way as elsewhere.

Mild climate all year round

Cape Verde’s climate is generally slightly cooler than on the African continent, thanks to the surrounding sea. Temperatures are pleasantly warm all year round and range from about 20 to 30 degrees. Cape Verde is known specifically as a sun-safe resort. Most rains come in the fall, but even then only infrequently. In winter, long-sleeved clothing should be packed for cool evenings. Cape Verde is a holiday destination all year round.


Cape Verde

Boa Vista is the most famous of the Cape Verdean islands.

For a package trip or on your own to Cape Verde

Among tour operators, for example, TUI makes package holidays to Cape Verde during the winter season. You can also fly to the islands on your own via a European city. Flights are mainly to the island of Sali or the island of Santiago in Praia.

Short for CV by abbreviationfinder, Cape Verde also occasionally offers very cheap last-minute sudden departures. It is worth following their offer with the help of Rantapallo’s sudden departure service.

Choose your hotel carefully

Accommodation can be found in Cape Verde mainly in traditional hotels. Many also have an all-inclusive option. The price level is cheaper than in Finland. When choosing a hotel, you should read the customer reviews carefully, as the quality variations are large and the star markings or website descriptions may not tell the whole truth. The cheapest budget places may not meet the expectations of Finnish tourists. However, the islands also have excellent hotels, so the success of your choice of accommodation depends entirely on your own efforts or the expertise of the travel agency.

By ship or by plane from one island to another

You can get from one island to another either by boat or by plane. Both options are affordable, but there may be delays in shipping. On the larger islands, renting a car can make sense if you want to get around the islands on your own. However, you should be careful in traffic due to the poor condition of the roads. Bicycle is another convenient option to get around the islands. Bus service also works.


Cape Verde’s beaches are lined with handsome palm trees.

A beach holidaymaker’s paradise

The island of Sal and there especially the city of Santa Maria is an excellent choice for those looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Santa Maria is the most developed travel destination in Cape Verde and offers good services for tourists. Water sports facilities and beaches are good, and great food is served in many restaurants.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities in Santa Maria and Sal, but local crafts, jewelry and fabrics are available. The tourist should not expect a very fast-paced evening and nightlife either.

Boa Vista invites you to a beach vacation

Another popular beach resort in Cape Verde is the island of Boa Vista, which also has stunning beaches, water sports and a peaceful way to live. As a counterbalance to the sand dunes and fishing villages, Boa Vista also offers all-inclusive resorts for more demanding tastes.

The actual attractions at Boa Vista are rare, but visitors should check out the wreckage washed up on Santa Maria Beach in the 1960s, which is an exciting sight.

Nature in Santo Antão and culture in Mindelo

Santo Antão is the greenest of the Cape Verdean islands and offers good opportunities for nature tourism and hiking. You can take a trip to Santo Antão, for example, from the island of Sao Vincente in Mindelo, a kind of Cape Verde cultural capital. Mindelo is also the main port city and has interesting colonial-era architecture and a local urban atmosphere.

Climbing the Fogo volcano

Those interested in an active holiday can climb the top of Fogo, Cape Verde’s highest volcano, to admire the stunning scenery. The volcano on the island of the same name is still active, and it is not advisable to go to the mountain without an expert guide. Fogo is just over 2,800 meters high and takes a few hours to climb.


The rusty hull of M / S Cabo Santa Maria has become one of the most photographed beaches on the beaches of Boa Vista.

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Experience these in Cape Verde

  1. Relax on Cape Verde’s peaceful sandy beaches.
  2. See a wreck washed up on the beach of Santa Maria on the island of Boa Vista.
  3. Treat yourself tolocal restaurants and try cachupa.
  4. Experience the Cape Town urban atmosphere in Mindelo.
  5. Hike to the top of the volcano Fogo or try surfing.