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Papua New Guinea Attractions

New Ireland and the Admiralty Islands are off the beaten track. There are no trees on the Northwest Admiralty Islands. The islanders make canoes from logs driven down the Sepik. Bougainville and Buka are separated by a series of islets. Bougainville caters to tourists. There is excellent diving and swimming off the coast; the island… Read More »

Travel Documents to French Polynesia

A visa to French Polynesia is issued at the French embassy, ​​in the Department of Overseas Territories of France, and is officially referred to as a “visa for traveling to French overseas territories.” A regular French Schengen visa for travel to French Polynesia is not valid. The following documents are required to apply for a… Read More »

Oceania Climate

Compared to other parts of the Earth, the incidence of climatic factors linked to the presence of continental masses is limited on the vast surfaces of the Pacific, if we exclude Australia, whose large surfaces determine an accentuated continentality (both incidentally and also for as regards hydrography, a development of a certain consistency exists only… Read More »

Tonga Animals and Plants

Islands (almost) without poisonous animals There are no wild animals on Tonga, also (almost) none that are poisonous. The only exception is the centipede, which can bite and whose bite causes uncomfortable pain and swelling. He is also known as Molokau. However, its bite is not threatening. Here you have to be careful, because these… Read More »