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The Republican of Valparaíso, Chile

In 1811 the first National Congress was formed and it was inaugurated in the atrium of the church of La Matriz. This congress ratifies the approval of the royal decree of 1802 and approves it by decree on August 9, 1811. The 28 of November of 1811 the Cabildo of Valparaiso acknowledges and sends the order to apply the title of “Very Noble and Illustrious City”.… Read More »

Argentina Geology Part 2

The great Cenozoic uplift of the Andes is in chronological order the last purchase of the Argentine territory towards the west. The lands of the Mesozoic itself, from the Trias, were affected. Lias and Jura up to the Cretaceous, with the eruptive expansions interspersed in the same series, in a first phase that falls in… Read More »

Argentina Geology

The geological knowledge of Argentina, which begins with the works of D’Orbigny (1842), Darwin and Burmeister, thanks to the interest of the government of the republic as well as the initiatives of private explorers and scholars, has made by now such progress that it is possible to sketch, albeit in broad strokes, a fairly complete… Read More »

Brazil Geography

Geographic situation The Federal Republic of Brazil is the largest country in South America. It occupies about half of the South American territory. Brazil has borders with all the countries of South America, except Chile. To the north Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and the Atlantic Ocean ; to the south Uruguay ; to the west Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru and to the northeast Colombia. The Brazilian territory is crossed by two very important geographical… Read More »

Types of Travel in South America

Trekking in South America Trekking is an obvious activity when traveling to South America. Even we have hiked Peru sparsely and we like to do it again and again. The route along the Inca Trail that takes us to the forgotten Inca Empire, Machu Picchu, is an extremely popular trek in Peru. Special permission is… Read More »

Brazilian Hydrography

The abundant presence of rivers is a characteristic of Brazilian hydrography: the country has some of the largest hydrographic basins in the world. General features Brazil is bathed by long and flowing rivers, due to the hot and humid climate. The relief, on the other hand, interferes with the presence of numerous waterfalls and, mainly,… Read More »

Pernambuco, Brazil Economy

Economy Agriculture and Livestock Pernambuco is the second Brazilian producer of sugarcane. The forest area is home to more than ninety percent of the plantations. Other important products in the state are cotton (arboreal and herbaceous) and cassava. The bean has less dispersion than the cassava, as it has little spread in the forest area… Read More »

Colombia – The Country that Offers Everything

As a country in Latin America defined by countryaah, the country of Colombia that offers everything !! Here you will find the Andes, the Caribbean, the Amazon, Salsa, coral reefs, metropolitan pulse, colonial architecture, Coffee, Gold Museum with Native American objects, rainforest with ruins and paved paths from the heyday of the Tayrona Indians. Colombia… Read More »