Cosmetics from the Kitchen: Tightens & Treats

As a beauty editor I have tried of course already infinite products. I found over the years but, I’ll always demanding , regarding the ingredients. And most the whole natmeaboverlichen. Therefore I mix my cosmetics me, whenever I have time, just even on. I’m sure the effect is certainly not as intense as that of high-tech products. But with regular use, you can see a success anyway. And I am happy because I know: I could even eat the ingredients without getting sick of it. Here are my favourites fur the Kobody:

Cosmetics from the Kitchen Tightens Treats


The body lotion with ginger stimulates the blood circulation. Effect: rosy soft skin and apleasant WaWarmth-GEFuhl. For this mix a tablespoon of grated ginger with 150 ml of fragrance-neutral body oil and fill in a dark bottle. Rub after the shower, I use a sponge to do so. Start with the feet. Ideal for those who need something in the morning to be fit or freeze easily.


When times really tired and stressed out I, I give me the luxury to bathe in Roses. For this, I mix a liter of milk and half a cup of honey with 6 drops of essential rose oil. Together with 4 hands full of fresh unsprayed rose petals leaves in the 37-degree warm water and enjoy 15 minutes.Milk protein calms and smoothes the skin, lactic acid binds moisture, honey soothes, relaxes and lets the skin smell rose oil. Also you feel simply wonderful, surrounded by floating rose petals, I promise!


Unpleasant pads on butt, belly, legs or arms? Massage oil with Juniper acts durchblutungsfordernd, Orange tones. For 100 ml Grapeseed Oil with 20 drops of essential oil, add 8 drops of essential oil of Juniper and 12 drops of essential Cypress oil in a dark bottle.Well, close, and shake. Ideal room: Morning and evening and circling massage. Even better, it works by the way before circling with a massage glove has rubbed off the skin, because she already well supplied with blood and is welcoming for active ingredients.
Hand mask with yogurt verj UE NGT
The citrus yogurt mask is a real model-trick for beautiful hands. Lemon brightens nails and age spots and keeps the skin supple. Delicate, yogurt nourishes the skin with vitamins A and E. Lactic acid restores the acid mantle of the skin. Mix half a cup of plain yogurt with the juice of half a lemon. 15 minutes to soak, best under gloves, because the heat intensified the effect, then rinse.


A Brazilian girlfriend, I got the tip for a coffee scrub. You swear OE rt that their skin is so flawless. Right, because caffeine stimulates the blood circulation, ensures that slag are dismantled, promotes the new cleavage and tightens. For oil mix 2 tablespoons of coffee powder with 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and a teaspoon. The mix before the showers two minutes circling massage into dry skin, then rinse.


As a side I wake up in the morning often with a crumpled Dekollete .
If I have time, I wear on a homemade mask while I drink my coffee. For this mix a teaspoon of grated Apple with 10 grams of ground almonds and an egg yolk 15 grams of whipped cream.On the skin and remove after 15 minutes with a damp cloth. Apple smoothes out with vitamin C and pectin, almond, egg yolk smooths and strengthens the skin with lecithin and cream regenerates the skin
We wish you lots of fun trying it out