Culture and Beaches in Exotic Egypt

By | January 4, 2021

In Egypt, known for its pyramids and sphinxes, one can dive into the warm sea or ancient history.

Egypt is one of the enduring favorites of Finnish tourists. In Egypt, the holidaymaker can experience an authentic historical atmosphere as well as explore ancient sights and cultural treasures. The country also offers great opportunities for a beach holiday in the clear waters of the Red Sea.

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Beaches, sun and desert

According to countryaah, the Republic of Egypt is located in North Africa and its neighbors are Israel, Libya and Sudan. Egypt has a coastline in both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The most famous resorts in Egypt are Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Cairo.

Much of Egypt is the Sahara Desert and therefore sparsely populated. Most of the Egyptians live on the banks of the Nile in arable land and the settlement is concentrated in the cities.

The Pyramid of Giza is the most famous attraction in Egypt.

Subtropical climate

Egypt belongs to the subtropical region and the country has a mild desert climate. The temperature rises above 20 degrees in winter and summer, but the heat is not sweaty as the humidity is low. The sun almost always shines and rains are rare. The nights are cool, allowing the temperature to drop to as much as ten degrees.

Egypt is especially a winter holiday destination where you can escape the cold winter in Finland. In winter, Egyptian temperatures do not rise too high for the tastes of Finns. Domestic travel agencies organize holiday trips to Egypt from October to March.

The temperature in Egypt in October-November is about 30 degrees. Slightly cooler, about 20 degrees, is from December to February. During the summer months, Egypt bathes in the heat, and daytime temperatures can rise to 40 degrees.

Culture and nightlife

Egypt offers experiences for those interested in culture and history. Definitely worth a visit are the Karnak Cult Center and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, as well as the famous pyramids of Giza and the collections of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Nile River Valley is also a thrilling experience.

Short for EG by abbreviationfinder, Egypt is considered to be the international center of belly dancing, and on a holiday trip, it is worth looking to see a belly dancer who skillfully moves to the beat of exotic music. Egyptian music is an exotic blend of Egyptian original, Arab, African and Western influences.

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One of the features of Egyptian city life is the coffee rooms, where in addition to coffee and tea, lemon juice and yoghurt-based drink zabaadya are drunk, and a hookah is burned.

Egyptian resorts offer both youthful and international as well as a more local and exotic atmosphere. Nightlife focuses on pubs and music bars. Some hotels have nightclubs and discos.

Water sports and inexpensive shopping

Egypt’s clear and warm sea waters provide a wonderful setting for diving and snorkeling. The largest tourist destinations also have diving schools with international or even Finnish staff.

Egypt’s stunning beaches are a great setting for surfing, water skiing and playing beach volleyball, for example. Definitely worth experiencing is also a boat trip on a glass bottom boat to explore the underwater life of the Red Sea. Fishing trips are also organized for those interested in fishing.

Horseback riding is also possible in Egyptian resorts. Horseback riding trips are also made to the desert. For golf enthusiasts, there are hotels with an 18-hole golf course.

In Egypt, rubbing shops definitely involves compromising. Bargaining is like a play that both the seller and the customer are expected to enjoy in a hurry. Popular gifts include papyrus, copper objects, and gold and silver jewelry.

Security and custom culture

Although Egypt is generally a reasonably safe holiday destination, there are occasional unrest and acts of terrorism in the country. Terrorist attacks have taken place in Egypt in 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2010. The unrest in Egypt in 2011 almost emptied the country of tourists, but efforts have since been made to revive tourism.

The security situation in Egypt and travel bulletins can be followed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it is therefore strongly recommended to check the current situation before traveling to Egypt. In particular, self-employed travelers are advised to make a travel declaration to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before departure.

There are no official dress codes for tourists in Egypt, but as a courtesy, it is also good for tourists to dress more conservatively than at home outside the resorts. For example, shoulders and knees should be covered.

When traveling with the camera, it is a good idea to keep in mind that you are not allowed to take photos of soldiers or military targets, for example. Also, to photograph people, you must first ask permission from the subject.

In Egypt, tourists get along well in English, especially in large resorts. When language skills run out, locals often resort to eloquent sign language.