Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

By | June 14, 2022

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden (Dallas, USA): detailed description, address and photo. Opportunities for sports and recreation, infrastructure, cafes and restaurants in the park. Reviews of tourists.

Arboretum and Botanical Garden of Dallas with an area of ​​more than 250 thousand square meters. m is located on the southeastern shore of White Rock Lake. There are a huge number of different gardens here, and this beautiful sight is complemented by a view of the lake and the Dallas downtown landscape. Most of the territory is occupied by the Encinal ranch, built for the geophysicist Everett Lee DeGolyer and his wife Nell (Mrs. DeGolyer’s main interests revolved around gardening). A garden based on the DeGaulier estate and Alex Camp’s home was opened in 1984.

According to Toppharmacyschools, the DeGaulier House is listed on the National Historic Places List. This is a beautiful building, covering an area of ​​​​2 thousand square meters. m and built in the Spanish style in 1940. Today, in the back of it there is a cafe overlooking the lakes, as well as fountains and a landscaped Woman’s Garden.

In addition, the Dallas Arboretum features an open-air stage, picnic areas, and a series of miniature replicas of residences and other structures that form a replica Texas pioneer village on the prairie.

Red Maple Creek by Nancy Rutchik boasts a remarkable collection of over 80 species of Japanese maple planted along the creek.

Margaret Elisabeth Jonsson’s Garden of Color was designed by Nod Burnett and features large beautiful flower beds with seasonally flowering plants. More than 2,000 species of azaleas have been collected in the garden, which in spring are an amazing sight in combination with tulips. Bananas and tapioca flaunt in the garden in summer, and chrysanthemums in autumn. A dedicated display for gardeners shows how to create and maintain this type of landscape.

The Woman’s Garden is a gift from the Dallas Women’s Council. The serene garden has become known throughout the country as an excellent example of a terraced landscape with walking paths and wonderful views. The first half of the garden, designed by Morgan Wheelock, opened in 1997 and consisted of several smaller ‘rooms’, including a ‘Pecan Parterre’ and a ‘Poetry Garden’ with a rose garden. The second half, designed by Warren Johnson, opened in 2006 and features a Texas limestone bridge, a hanging garden, and a picturesque well.

The arboretum’s latest innovation is a visitor center, opened in 2002, with a gift shop, patio, and gazebo where you can see the skyscrapers reflected in the pond at night.

Red Maple Creek by Nancy Rutchik boasts a remarkable collection of over 80 species of Japanese maple planted along the creek. The garden was opened in 2011, with paved paths and a stone bridge that connects the Martin Rutczyk concert stage with Magnolia Alley. In the very center of the garden grows a particularly large Japanese maple, which is already 100 years old.

The “Paseo de Flores” by Lida Bunker Hunt, simply referred to as “The Paseo”, is a walkway that serves as the central alley of the entire arboretum. It was created by Luis Santana and starts at the visitor center and ends at the Fogelson Fountain. Along the Paseo there are many great places to take pictures and admire: Magnolia Glade, Myrtle Alley, Tod Coners Fountain, Shadow Garden and Pecan Grove.

There are many other gardens in the botanical garden, each of which has its own character. Thus, the garden of the Boswell family is set against a beautiful stone wall, and here you can admire myriads of magnificent roses of all kinds. The secluded McCasland Garden is distinguished by the Chico and Chica sculpture, which, together with the fountain, makes this place very popular among couples. Eugenia Leftwich Palmer’s Fern Hollow is home to over 90 species of ferns, camellias, azaleas and old trees, brought to life by a peaceful stream. The Magnolia Glade of Nancy Clements This is full of murmuring water and ends with a beautiful fountain, where visitors love to take pictures.

A special pride of the arboretum is Nancy’s Garden, which looks amazingly tender during flowering thanks to pastel pink myrtle and azaleas.


The botanical garden hosts many events throughout the year. First of all, this is the largest flower festival in the southeast, “Dallas Blooms”, the tradition of which has more than 30 years. More than 500 thousand buds bloom on it, which is complemented by food courts, entertainment stands and other elements typical for mass events. “Summer in the Arboretum” is a family holiday with entertainment and good discounts on plants. “Autumn in the Arboretum” is tens of thousands of pumpkins and zucchini, which are brought here from the well-known throughout the country “Pumpkin Village”. And for the “12 Days of Christmas” they collect a collection of Victorian pavilions, which are filled with costumed characters and animals.

Practical Information

Address: 8525 Garland road.

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 17:00 daily.

Entrance: 15 USD for adults.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden