Economy of Hawaii

By | March 4, 2023

Hawaii is an archipelago composed of eight main islands in the central Pacific Ocean. It is the only U.S. state located outside of North America and is the only one composed entirely of islands. Hawaii has a diverse economy, with tourism being its largest industry, followed by agriculture and military spending. The state also has a thriving technology sector and has become a major hub for investment in renewable energy research and development.

The economy of Hawaii relies heavily on tourism, which accounts for nearly 20% of the state’s GDP. In 2019, over nine million visitors arrived in Hawaii, generating $16 billion in revenue and supporting over 170,000 jobs statewide. The majority of tourists come from the United States mainland and Japan, although visitors from other countries such as Australia, China, South Korea and Canada are increasingly frequenting Hawaii’s shores each year.

Agriculture is another key sector of the Hawaiian economy, accounting for approximately 5% of GDP in 2018. The most important crops grown in the state include sugarcane (which was once Hawaii’s primary crop), coffee beans (which are primarily grown on Maui), macadamia nuts (grown on Kauai) and papayas (grown on all islands). Other agricultural products include tropical fruits such as pineapple and mangoes; vegetables; flowers; cattle; aquaculture products such as shrimp; honey; beeswax; beeswax candles; fish sauce; poi (a traditional Hawaiian dish made from taro root); seaweed products; coconuts; Kona coffee beans (grown on Hawai’i Island); cacao beans (used to make chocolate); guava juice concentrate; macadamia nut-based snacks and desserts; taro chips and more.

Military spending also contributes significantly to Hawaii’s economy, with several U.S military bases located across the state providing jobs to thousands of people annually. In addition to supporting these military bases through taxes paid by service members stationed there, many local businesses benefit from contracts related to military construction projects or supply contracts for goods or services used by personnel stationed at these bases.

Hawaii is also home to a thriving technology industry that includes companies developing software applications for mobile devices such as iPhones/iPads/Android systems as well as various social media platforms like Twitter/Facebook/Instagram etc., video game development companies creating virtual reality applications or games for online gaming platforms like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network , cloud computing firms focused on providing computer storage solutions via web-based technologies like Amazon Web Services etc., nanotechnology firms producing microscale components using advanced materials like carbon nanotubes etc., blockchain technology companies helping businesses secure their digital assets through cryptography etc., machine learning startups leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms for predictive analytics purposes etc., biotechnology companies developing products based off genetic engineering techniques etc., 3D printing firms creating prototypes or parts using additive manufacturing technologies like fused deposition modeling etc., augmented reality firms building augmented reality applications utilizing motion tracking sensors & 3D graphics rendering technologies & much more .

Finally, renewable energy research & development is quickly becoming an important part of Hawaii’s economic landscape due to its abundance of sunshine & wind resources that can be utilized for solar power generation & wind power generation respectively. This has attracted numerous venture capitalists & foreign investors who see potential profits in this sector due to its potential growth prospects in the future. Several large scale solar farms have already been established across different islands while additional ones are planned which will help reduce electricity costs while increasing employment opportunities. Furthermore, numerous initiatives have been launched by both public & private entities aiming at increasing awareness about renewable energy sources among citizens resulting in increased adoption rates.

In conclusion, it can be seen that Hawaii boasts a highly diversified economy that benefits greatly from strong tourism revenue, agriculture production, military spending, technology investments & renewable energy initiatives. This combination has allowed it to remain resilient despite challenging economic times experienced globally.

Top 3 Counties in Hawaii

According to, main counties in Hawaii include:

1. Maui County: Located on the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui County is a stunningly beautiful destination with a rich culture and history. This county is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world, as well as lush rainforests, waterfalls, and volcanoes. It’s also home to many popular tourist attractions like Haleakala National Park and the Road to Hana. In addition to its natural beauty, Maui is known for its vibrant art scene and great shopping opportunities. Visitors can find everything from local handmade crafts to designer boutiques in this tropical paradise.

2. Honolulu County: Home to Hawaii’s capital city of Honolulu, this county is one of the most popular destinations for travelers coming from around the world. It’s a bustling metropolis with plenty of entertainment options including museums, galleries, night clubs and bars. Oahu also has some of Hawaii’s best beaches like Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Park that are perfect for swimming and surfing when visiting the islands. Travelers can enjoy all kinds of water sports here or explore ancient Hawaiian cultural sites like Iolani Palace or Pearl Harbor National Monument located nearby Honolulu city center.

3. Kauai County: This county is often referred to as “The Garden Isle” because it’s one of the most lush places in Hawaii with breathtaking scenery everywhere you look. It’s home to some incredible hiking trails like Kalalau Trail along Na Pali Coast that offer panoramic views of the ocean below and Kauai Waterfalls Trail that will take you through a jungle oasis filled with cascading waterfalls and hidden pools perfect for swimming or cliff jumping into! There are also numerous beaches here such as Poipu Beach which has consistently been rated one of America’s top 10 beaches by Dr Beach every year since 1991.

Economy of Hawaii