Economy of Missouri

By | March 4, 2023

Missouri is a Midwestern state with a diverse economy and a long history of success. Located in the heart of the country, Missouri is known for its agricultural sector, manufacturing industry, and growing service economy. The state has seen steady economic growth since 2000 and its unemployment rate has remained below the national average for much of that time.

Agriculture is a major part of Missouri’s economy. The state is home to some of the largest crop production in the nation, including corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, cotton, and tobacco. Livestock production also plays an important role in Missouri’s agricultural industry with beef cattle being one of the more prominent animals raised in the state. Additionally, Missouri produces large amounts of poultry and eggs as well as hogs and sheep.

Manufacturing is another important sector for Missouri’s economy. The automotive industry has been particularly strong in recent years with companies such as Ford Motor Company operating large plants within the state. Aerospace manufacturing is also becoming increasingly popular in Missouri with Boeing having its largest production facility located just outside St Louis. Other industries that play a major role in Missouri’s manufacturing sector include chemicals, food processing, machinery production and printing/publishing.

Missouri’s service economy has grown significantly over recent years due to its central location within the US as well as its highly educated workforce. Tourism plays an important role in this sector with attractions such as Branson drawing millions of visitors each year from around the world. Additionally, St Louis hosts numerous conventions throughout the year which inject money into both local businesses and city coffers alike. Healthcare services are another major component of Missouri’s service industry with many hospitals located throughout the state providing excellent medical care to patients from all over America.

Overall, Missouri has an incredibly diverse economy that continues to grow each year due to its strategic location within America’s midwest region as well as its highly educated workforce and vibrant agricultural sector. With continued investment into both manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace alongside service sectors such as healthcare and tourism; it’s safe to say that Missouri’s future looks bright indeed.

Top 3 Counties in Missouri

According to, main counties in Missouri include:

1. St. Louis County: As the most populous county in Missouri, St. Louis County is home to more than 1 million people and is one of the most diverse areas in the state. It encompasses all of the city of St. Louis and its surrounding suburbs, making it a great place to live, work, and play. It has a thriving economy with several Fortune 500 companies based here, as well as numerous cultural attractions such as the iconic Gateway Arch and Forest Park. Residents enjoy access to excellent public transportation options like MetroLink light rail and MetroBus buses, plus plenty of shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues throughout the county.

2. Jackson County: Located just outside Kansas City in western Missouri, Jackson County is one of the state’s fastest growing counties due to its proximity to both Kansas City and nearby suburbs like Independence and Blue Springs. With a population of 674 thousand people spread across 856 square miles, it’s known for its scenic views with rolling hills and lush forests that make up much of its terrain. The county is home to several well-known attractions like Worlds Of Fun amusement park plus plenty of shopping malls and entertainment venues throughout the area. Academic institutions such as University of Missouri-Kansas City are also located here making it an ideal place for students looking for an accessible education experience near an urban center with plenty to offer in terms of career opportunities too!

3. Boone County: Located just north of Columbia in central Missouri, Boone County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state thanks to its location near two major cities (Columbia & Jefferson City). With over 173 thousand residents spread across 639 square miles, it’s known for its rolling hillsides filled with lush forests that make up much of this area’s terrain! The county offers plenty in terms of outdoor activities including hiking trails at Rock Bridge State Park or fishing spots at Stephens Lake Park plus lots more recreational activities available throughout this region too! There are also numerous entertainment venues including movie theaters plus plenty more shopping centers located here too.

Economy of Missouri