Economy of Oregon

By | March 4, 2023

Oregon’s economy is based on its diverse resources, which include natural resources, agriculture, timber, and a vibrant technology sector. The state’s economy is also supported by a well-educated workforce, with many of its residents having access to higher education.

Oregon’s natural resources play a significant role in the state’s economy. This includes the vast forests that cover much of the state, which provide timber for lumber products and paper production. Oregon is also home to several mineral deposits, including gold and copper ore. Oregon has long been an important agricultural state as well, producing a variety of crops such as apples, cherries, Christmas trees, hops and wine grapes.

In recent years the timber industry has faced some challenges due to environmental concerns. This has led to a decrease in logging activity in Oregon’s forests and an increase in sustainable forestry practices that focus on preserving the environment while still providing jobs for local communities.

The technology sector is another key contributor to Oregon’s economy. The state’s universities have been essential in developing new technologies that have helped create new industries within the state. Companies such as Intel, HP and Nike are just some of the major employers in Oregon who benefit from this technological advancement.

The tourism industry is also a major part of Oregon’s economy with visitors coming from all over the world to experience its natural beauty and attractions such as Crater Lake National Park or Mount Hood National Forest. Many visitors come for outdoor recreation activities such as skiing or fishing while others come to enjoy wine tasting tours or visit art galleries in Portland or Eugene.

Overall Oregon’s economy continues to grow at a steady pace with its diverse array of industries contributing significantly to its success. Its educated workforce and abundance of natural resources make it an attractive place for businesses looking for a place to call home as well as individuals seeking employment opportunities or educational opportunities within the state’s borders. With continued investment into infrastructure development along with continued investment into education initiatives it looks like Oregon’s economic future looks bright for years ahead.

Top 3 Counties in Oregon

According to, main counties in Oregon include:

1. Multnomah County: Multnomah County is the most populous county in Oregon and home to its largest city, Portland. It is located in the northwest corner of Oregon and borders Washington and Columbia River. The county covers an area of 466 square miles and has a population of over 800,000 people. The economy of Multnomah County is largely driven by tourism, technology, retail, education and health care. Portland International Airport serves as a major transportation hub for the region and provides jobs to many residents. The county’s largest employers are Intel Corporation, Providence Health & Services and Nike Incorporated. Additionally, Multnomah County has a rich cultural heritage with many museums and performing arts venues located throughout the area.

2. Washington County: Washington County is located in northwestern Oregon bordering both Multnomah and Clackamas counties. It encompasses an area of 726 square miles with a population of over 530,000 people making it the second most populous county in Oregon after Multnomah County. The economy of Washington County is largely driven by technology companies such as Intel Corporation, Tektronix Inc., Oracle Corporation and Google Inc., as well as health care providers such as Providence Health & Services and Kaiser Permanente Northwest Division. Additionally, there are several educational institutions in the county including Portland State University, Pacific University and George Fox University that provide jobs to many residents in the area.

3. Lane County: Located in western Oregon along the Pacific Coast Range Mountains Lane County encompasses an area of 4,722 square miles with a population of over 350,000 people making it the third most populous county in Oregon after Multnomah and Washington counties respectively. Lane county has a diverse economy that includes agriculture (timber products), manufacturing (paper products), transportation (logging trucks), technology (Silicon Forest), retail (shopping centers), education (University Of Oregon), healthcare (PeaceHealth Medical Group ) among other industries. Additionally, the county offers plenty outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting etc. All these factors contribute to make Lane county one of the most desirable places to live work or visit in Oregon.

Economy of Oregon