Eleuthera and New Providence, Bahamas

By | April 5, 2022


Eleuthera is located 95 km east of Nassau. Eleuthera Island is of coral origin. It has the shape of a crescent (180 km long and in some places only about 2 km wide) and constantly changes its landscape under the influence of strong winds, carrying huge masses of sand, and waves. Sand dunes have formed on the eastern coast of this island, which are slowly but surely, under the influence of climatic conditions, being compressed into real cement.

This small island is traditionally considered an elite vacation spot for the powerful. Chic resorts and clubs intersperse here with pristine beaches, and old villages interspersed with state-of-the-art sports facilities.

Eleuthera also includes the tiny island of Harbor, which in 2005 was voted the best Caribbean island. The survey was conducted among readers of the influential Travel & Leisure magazine. On this island is the famous Pink Sands Beach with pink sand. The island’s offshore waters are ideal for snorkelling and diving.

New Providence

New Providence is the main and most visited island of the Bahamas, attracting families, beach lovers and urban entertainment lovers. The island is full of contrasts: here, in the heart of modern districts, you can unexpectedly come across a charming ancient mansion.
The length of the island is 34 km long and 11 km wide. Located 150 miles from Miami, New Providence is also a favorite stopover for cruise ships. Here you can combine relaxation on beautiful beaches and good shopping. For lovers of gambling, the Crystal Palace casino will welcome its doors.

The island is the capital of the Bahamas – the city of Nassau, founded and named in 1695 in honor of the Dutch Prince Nassai of Orange after he took the British throne. According to historical chronicles, Nassau has seen a lot: shipwrecks, and invasions of pirates led by the famous Blackbeard, and ships of the fleet of Her Royal Majesty. Nassau has managed to stay true to the Victorian style of architecture. Moreover, magnificent cathedrals and churches were built here in colonial times.
Today, 171,542 people live in the city, or 60% of the population of the Bahamas. The busiest street in Nassau is Bay Street: there are many restaurants, bars, historical buildings, shops, etc. While walking around the city, you should also look into one of its many churches and forts, walk along Parliament Square with buildings made of pink stone, which are valuable examples of colonial architecture.
Nassau is one of the largest offshore centers in the world, it is called the “Zurich of the Tropics”, as more than 400 banks and trust funds are located here.

On the island of New Providence is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean – Cable Beach. This area of ​​fashionable hotels, casinos and beautiful sandy beaches got its name in 1907 after a telephone cable was laid along the ocean floor, connecting the Bahamas with the rest of the world.

Famous dive sites are located near the island: Clifton Wall, Balmoral Island and the coral arcs at Razorback.

North Cay and Long Cay Islands are located opposite the shore – excellent places for snorkeling. At the very end of Cable Beach lies Delaporte Point Beach, with a complex of chic Venetian-style villas, shops and restaurants of quaint architecture.

The same fashionable tourist area is located on the small island of Paradise Island, connected to the capital by a long bridge. Here is the Atlantis complex – one of the largest open-air aquariums. In stock: a labyrinth imitating the ruins of Atlantis, a copy of the Mayan pyramid with water slides and a transparent underwater tunnel.

Nassau International Airport is located on the island of New Providence, where almost all international flights arrive.

The high season climate
lasts from mid-December to mid-April – this is the driest time of the year, and the coolest (temperatures can drop to 18 C); it can be very hot in summer; The hurricane season officially runs from June to November, but actual hurricanes are rare.

Pace. air, C 20.9 21.1 22.1 23.4 25.1 26.8 27.7 27.8 27.4 26 23.9 21.8
Pace. water, C 23 23 24 26 26 27 28 28 28 27 26 25
Precipitation, mm 42.7 40.3 39.8 53.8 116.3 232.9 157.7 215.9 171.4 175.5 56.6 51.8

New Providence, Bahamas