Florida Keys, Florida

By | May 31, 2022

Florida Keys – the main resorts and areas, excursions and attractions, museums, reviews of tourists about the Florida Keys.

According to toppharmacyschools, Florida Keys is a chain of paradise islands that start 24 km from Miami. The archipelago stretches across the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of kilometers and includes 1,700 islands. The capital is the city of Key West, which is located on the island of the same name, more than 30% of the total population of the archipelago lives here. Also worth noting are other large islands: Key Largo, Big Pine Key, Marathon and Islamorada.

How to get there

The Florida Keys Airport is also located on Key West. You can get here with a connection through Miami, New York or other major US cities.

A bit of history

The islands of the Florida Keys archipelago are the surface part of the coral reef, which is only lightly covered with sand. For a long time, the Indian tribes of the Tequesta and Calouste lived here, and the archipelago was not noticed by sailors. But in the 16th century, ships of the Spanish conquistadors appeared on the Florida Keys, which, however, did not find anything of value here, and therefore did not really begin to live or piracy here. But their appearance still left a mark: with the Spaniards, terrible diseases appeared on the archipelago, about which the local tribes had no idea and did not know how to treat them. Several years passed and the islands of the Florida Keys archipelago became uninhabited.

Over time, white people moved here and life on the islands improved. For a long time after that, it was possible to move from one island to another only by water. But in the 20th century, the American tycoon and billionaire Henry Flagler built a road that connected Key West with the Florida peninsula. It was then that a stream of tourists poured onto the islands, and the locals got the opportunity to exchange their products with the mainland. Today, the Florida Keys is an incredibly beautiful place that tourists from all over the world love to visit.


Zahri Beach is one of the most popular in the archipelago. It is famous for its incredible cleanliness, so locals like to relax here too. The length of the beach is only 700 meters.

Islamorada Island is a paradise for fishing lovers. All sorts of competitions are constantly held here, and huge tuna are found in the waters of the island. Divers, by the way, also do not get bored in Islamorada: a coral reef and even a diving museum are available.

Things to Do and Attractions in the Florida Keys

The main wealth of the archipelago is its nature, which, due to long isolation, has remained almost untouched. Here you can see populations of animals that have long disappeared on other continents and islands. Deer are especially interesting – subspecies of white-tailed deer, which are protected by the state.

The Florida Keys is also famous for its abundance of natural parks. Among them, the most famous is Dry-Tortugas (translated into Russian as “dry turtle”). This park is located on the island of the same name and can only be reached by boat. It is forbidden to catch fish, animals and turtles here, and in no case should you touch the corals. The main attraction of the park is Fort Jefferson.

A special place in the archipelago is occupied by the Key West lighthouse – now a museum that tourists love to visit so much. From the panoramic platform of the lighthouse you can see almost the entire island.

For a long time, the famous writer Ernest Hemingway lived in the Florida Keys. On the island of Key West, even his house-museum has been preserved (entry 16 USD ). Website : hemingwayhome.com The prices on the page are for June 2021.

Florida Keys, Florida