Hair Minimising Dove, Less Hair and More Effect Silk

In line with the post of Laura care to achieve an effect silk in the armpits, struck me an ad that I saw the other day in a magazine. It was called deodorants line Minimising Hair, brand Dove.

They are two deodorants, one spray and the other in roll-on, to choose according to tastes, having the novel feature of reduce the underarm hair. I’ve always been a little skeptical with reducing hair products, and if this is deodorant, it makes me be more suspicious. But probaré to constrast.

It is assumed that in addition to having a protection antiperspirant in 24 hours be moisturizing your skin with that famous “1/4 moisturizing cream”, you’re battling your armpit hair to weaken it, make it more fine and space your waxing.

Hopefully out so simple, seriously. It is assumed that the effects are noticeable to the four weeks be using the product, although in some people any changes will not be up to the two months.

Having to wax us fewer times, either with wax, Blade, cream or whatever our underarm skin would suffer less and we could achieve that Silk effect We talked about Laura more quickly and also longer lasting. I’m still skeptical, but again, I’ll try it.