Niagara Falls in New York

By | August 9, 2022

A very impressive sight is the Niagara Falls in the state of New York on the border with the Canadian province of Ontario. A breathtaking and unforgettable natural spectacle, the falls are created from the Niagara River. The word “Niagara” means “thundering water” to the native people. The waters of Niagara Falls come from the four of the great lakes that feed the Niagara River.

According to Iamaccepted, Niagara Falls consists of three falls, the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Canadian Falls. The Horseshoe Fall has a free fall height of 52 m and has a side length of 792 m, the American Fall has a side length of 363 m and falls after 21 m onto a talus.

The Horseshoe Falls, i.e. the Canadian Falls, are larger and easier to visit than the American Falls. The Bridal Veil Falls are the smallest falls belonging to Niagara Falls. The Bridal Veil Falls is 17 m wide and is located between the two islands Goat Island and Luna Island. Luna Island separates it from the American Falls, which are also part of Niagara Falls.

The island between the Horseshoe and American Falls is called Goat Island. The US part has a side length of 363 m, the Canadian part has a side length of 792 m.

Depending on the season, the water flow is between 2,832 and 5,720 m³/s, an average of 4,200 m³/s, which creates the loud thunder. 10% of the water flows over the American Falls, the rest of the water flows over the Horseshoe Falls. Water from Niagra Falls flows down the Niagra River to Lake Ontario, via the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean.

Niagara Falls was opened to tourists from the 1800s and has been one of the tourist attractions in North America ever since. In 1885, Niagara Falls was declared a nature park on the American side, and one year later in Canada.

Rides on the Maid of the Mist boats to get up close and personal with the famous sight are particularly popular with tourists. The Maid of the Mist boats are a very wet treat, going right into the spray of the falls. The Maid of the Mist provider will therefore provide you with rainwear before the trip.
The jetty is located about 400 m south of the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Reservation State Park at Rrospect Point.

Niagara Falls has been used to generate electricity since the 18th century. Today there are several power plants that use Niagara Falls: Sir Adam Beck Power Plant #1 and #2 on the Canadian side and Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant on the American side and the Lewiston Pumped Storage Power Plant. The falls are reduced at night and off-season and diverted to a weir for power generation. Due to the reduction in water for the power plants, the force of the falls has been drastically reduced, thereby reducing erosion on the falls.

Niagara Falls has been dry twice so far. Once on March 29, 1848, when Lake Erie’s water flow to the Niagara River was blocked by ice floes, and in June 1969, the falls were drained to study and slow erosion (about six feet per year).

Niagara Falls has been used as a backdrop in numerous films.

Niagara Falls is a popular destination for vacationers and honeymooners alike, with plenty of attractions, restaurants and hotels to choose from.

The best vantage points are on the Canadian shore at the Table Rock House observation deck and on the American side are the Luna Island observation decks.

The falls are illuminated in color every evening, but less water flows so that the water can be used to generate electricity at night.

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Niagara Falls in New York