Nightclubs in Istanbul, Turkey

By | April 12, 2022

Nightclub Babylon Performance Club is
the best nightclub in Istanbul, with live music, one of the best jazz clubs in the world. Turkish and foreign performers of jazz, reggae and modern dance music regularly perform here. Drinks are expensive. Tickets for concerts, which can be bought in the afternoon at the ticket office opposite the entrance to the building, cost 15-20 lire. The concert starts around 22.00.
Address: Shehbender Sok. No:3 Asmalımescit, Beyoğlu, Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 292 73 68

Pub Crowl Istanbul is one of the most famous clubs among midnight fun lovers. Cool music, delicious snacks, drinking games, darts, helpful staff. The pub is located near the Galata Tower. The very name of the pub is translated as “Tower”.
Entrance : 50 lira. Also on the club bus you can go on a night pilgrimage to the pubs. Such entertainment costs 30 euros. This includes a free cocktail, a bottle of raki for company, games with alcoholic drinks and photos of the party.
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday at 21:00-04:00. Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00–04:00. Sunday and Monday are days off.
Address: Bereketzade, Meeting point:The tower pub, Galata Kulesi Sk. 4/1, 34000 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Phone: +90 530 722 43 50

Escape Club İstanbul – located in close proximity to Taksim Square and is one of the most favorite places for party-goers. There is always great music and a relaxing atmosphere. And affordable prices make the club even more attractive to most. Opening hours : daily 21:00–05:00.
Address: İstiklal Caddesi, Bekar Sk. No:10, 34435 Beyoglu.
Phone: +90 545 7862 77 17

Night bar Gizli Bahce – located at the Fish Market. Through a rusty iron gate without a sign, approach a typical Turkish house, go up to the second or third floor and enjoy the loud dance music and the sweet atmosphere of sin. Open daily from 21.00 to 4.00.
Address: Hüseyinağa Mahallesi Nevizade Sokağı No:15 34435 Beyoğlu, İstanbul
Phone: +90 212 249 21 92

Jazz Stop Club is a stylish club with bare brick walls and a unique atmosphere. One of Istanbul’s leading jazz and flamenco venues. Additional charges apply for music. The club is owned by members of the local jazz group Mogollar, who regularly performs here. Concerts start around 23:00. The club is open from Monday to Saturday, 16.30-4.00.
Address: Tel Sokak 9, Off Büyükparmakkapi Sokak, Istanbul, Turkey, 34200
Phone: +90 212 252 9314

The Mojo Night Club is an ultra-modern club located in the basement. The blues plays here almost every night. Open daily from 21:00 to 04:00.
Address: Istiklal Cad, Buyukparmakkapi Sokak, 26, Beyoğlu, İstanbul
Phone: +90 212 243 29 27

Minimüzikhol is a small and rather old underground club in Istanbul with three halls and a separate room for smokers. The basis of the musical direction is techno music, and there are always enough people who want to listen to it, and therefore the room is never empty. The most frequent complaints are the impolite behavior of the guards. Entrance: 60 lira. Opening hours : 23:00–05:00.
Address: Cihangir, SogancI Sk. No:3, 34433 Beyoğlu, İstanbul.
Website :

Ritim Bar – entertains visitors with various musical styles, including rumba, gypsy motifs and others. On the ground floor there is a hall with live music, above the club. The establishment also offers an excellent bar and snacks. There is a summer playground and a winter room. Opening hours : daily 11:00-04:00.
Address: Hüseyinağa Mh., Sahne Sokak No: 20, 34435 Beyolu, İstanbul İl.

Club Olimpia
– for those who love night parties. The club has the perfect mix of dance music, drinks and decent service. The atmosphere is absolutely friendly, which helps to relax perfectly. Opening hours: daily 21:30–04:00.
Address: Tomtom, Acara Sok., 2A, 34437 Beyoğlu, Istanbul.
Phone: +90 533 476 00 42

Vernon Club Beyoğlu – the club is always crowded thanks to modern rhythms and an affordable bar. This is a favorite place for youth companies. Opening hours: daily 01:00-08:00.
Address: Istiklal Caddesi Buyukparmakkapi, Street No. 22/A, 34445 Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

– the club occupies three floors, has two stages and is always packed to capacity. Incendiary music does not allow to sit still. It is especially cool to come here with friends. The range of quality drinks, good service, low prices. Working hours:
daily 22:00–06:00.
Address: Huseyinağa, Yesilçam Sk. no:9/A, 34435 Beyoğlu, İstanbul.
Website :

Bliss Bar
– a small night pub where people come to relax and unwind with friends, listen to jazz and blues, while not spending much. A warm, sincere atmosphere reigns inside, the hall is often full, since the institution has its own regular customers. If you are looking for decent bars in Istanbul with a comfortable environment, and your goal is not to dance until you drop, grateful listeners are welcome here. Opening hours: daily 14:00–04:00.
Address: Huseyinaga, Solakzade Sk. 5-5A, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul.
Phone: +90 212 293 38 80

360 Istanbul– one of the best rooftops in Istanbul with excellent food, lounge, sophisticated interior and drinks. Combines at the same time a restaurant, a bar and a nightclub. The club is located in a penthouse and has a 360-degree view of the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara from the building. Great appetizers, delicious cocktails, good music and entertainment. Live performances start at 20:00. There are vocalists, dancers, live performances and non-stop parties until the morning. Opening hours: Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 4 am. On other days from 12:00 to 2 am.
Address: Tomtom, İstiklal Cd. No:163 K: 8, İstiklal Cd., 34433 Beyoğlu, İstanbul.

Peyote Club Istanbul– night club. Good sound, great stage for small concerts, soft techno music. Performances can be viewed from the second floor. Musicians from different countries are invited to the club. In general, a very cozy charismatic club with not inflated prices. Opening hours: daily from 13:00 to 4 in the morning.
Address: Huseyinaga, Kameriye Sk. No:4, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul.
Phone: +90 212 251 43 98

Küçük by Klein is a typical nightclub without much pretense of originality. If you do not have a lot of money, but have a desire to hang out, this place will be the place where you can have a good time. The prices are not high, the music is dancing, the view of the Bosphorus is excellent. What else is needed for irresistible youth? Opening hours: daily 11:00–04:00.
Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa, Kemankeş Cd. No 87/A, 34425 Beyoğlu, İstanbul.
Phone: +90 537 946 93 95

Nardis Jazz Club is another popular club near the Galata Tower with nice music. Concerts here start at 22:30 and if you want to get to them, it is best to come to the club before the opening in order to have time to get a table. But it is better to book tables in advance. Opening hours: 20:00–01:30 daily except Sunday.
Address: Bereketzade Mh, Galata Kulesi Sk. No:8, 34421 Beyoğlu, İstanbul

Nightclubs in Istanbul, Turkey