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Geography of Namibia

General information about Namibia The official name is The Republic of Namibia. Located in southern Africa. The area is 825.4 thousand km2, the population is 1.8 million people. (2002, estimate). The official language is English. The capital is Windhoek (210 thousand people, 2002, estimate). Public holiday – Independence Day March 21 (since 1990). The monetary… Read More »

Attractions in Namibia

Kolmannskuppe (Kolmanskop) From the affluent industrial city to the abandoned ghost town In the south of Namibia, only 15 km east of the port city of Lüderitz, the ruins of Kolmannskuppe, which was founded in 1908 by the employee of the Deutsche Reichsbahn August Stauch, are partly hidden under sand dunes. It is easy to… Read More »