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Wangby, Vietnam

Uong Bi is a city of the first category, located in the northern part of Vietnam, in the west of Quang Ninh province. The city is far from the capital countries 130 km to the east. Wang Bi is located near the northern border of Vietnam, which makes this city of strategic importance. The city… Read More »

Vietnam Recent History Part II

The conflict took a new turn after the Tet (Buddhist New Year) offensive of January-March 1968: equipped with Soviet missiles and refueled via the “Hô Chi Minh runway”, in Laotian territory, the Viet-Cong went so far as to attack with a daring foray into the outskirts of Saigon. The military events in Indochina had considerable… Read More »

Vietnam Recent History Part I

The Asian conference in Geneva (May 8-July 21, 1954), putting an end to the state of war, however, had left the ways of peaceful development undetermined. The final documents spoke of a single state of the Vietnam and of “displacement zones” of the two opposing sides, established that the Vietnamese territory was closed to the… Read More »