The Best Street Food Cities in Europe and North America

By | May 11, 2021

The term street food is now on everyone’s lips and has certainly arrived in the last corner of the universe. There are even entire festivals that want to outdo each other with the number of delicacies on offer and put a seemingly never-ending selection of food in front of your nose. Today I invite you to get to know the best street food cities worldwide. I hope you are not hungry ?!

Roughly speaking, the term street food includes drinks and dishes that are sold by a stand or offered in a market. They are ideal as a snack between meals or even as a main meal, and their greatest advantage is that they can be easily eaten out of hand. So it’s ideal for us travelers who don’t sit in a restaurant forever, but want to jump straight into the next adventure! But enough of the explanations, because now you will find out which cities serve the best street food.

Finest street food in Istanbul

I would like to start my trip in Turkey , more precisely in Istanbul. The street vendors there are perhaps better known for selling other goods. But if you take a closer look, you will discover that the city is teeming with stalls that overwhelm you with Turkish specialties.

You should try this:

  • Simit
  • Durum
  • Midye Dolma
  • Kumpir
  • Börek

Price and freshness are unbeatable! So how about starting your day with Simit, a kind of bread in the shape of a ring, which is sprinkled with sesame seeds. My tip: Enjoy your Simit with a cup of black tea and your breakfast will be perfect!

At lunchtime you should go to one of the boats near the harbor, because freshly caught and freshly grilled mackerel with lemon and exotic spices await you there! If you already have space in your stomach towards evening, you should go to a stand with a kebab skewer. Served in a self-baked pita and with plenty of vegetables, it is a completely different experience than our kebab in this country. Believe me! Bon appetit, or as they say in Turkey: Afiyet olsun!

Street food like from 1001 nights in Marrakech

It continues exotic, because my next stop is in Marrakech. On your way through the city you will immediately notice the many colors and people and the smell of herbs and food will irrevocably fill your nostrils.

You should try this:

  • B’stilla
  • Harira
  • Snails
  • Stews from a tagine
  • Moroccan tea

Let yourself be guided by it and you are guaranteed to end up at one of the vibrant markets in the so-called souks . These come to life especially at night.

In order not to lose track of the variety of dishes, I advise you to stick to the locals. They know where to get the best and freshest food for a good price, but you will definitely find it on Djemaa el Fna, the central market square in Marrakech! The overwhelmed or undecided among you should book a visit with the Marrakesh Food Tours . With your tour guide you are guaranteed to be well prepared for a culinary night in Marrakech. Everyone else is already enjoying freshly baked bread, stews with lamb and chicken, prepared in a tagine, or addictive fruit juices and shakes! If you like it a little more exotic, you can use snails or lamb innards. Besaha, I wish you guys!

Street food on four wheels in Texas

My next stop is Austin, Texas. Admit you didn’t expect this station, did you? But that doesn’t matter, after all, I like to surprise you.

You should try this:

  • Pulled Pork
  • burritos
  • Corn dogs
  • Burger & fries
  • Hot dogs

According to, the South by Southwest Festival has been held in Austin every year since 1987 , offering music and film fans alike a spectacle. But we’re here for the food, aren’t we ?! Aside from the spectacle, you will find a huge collection of food trucks that – close together – provide the hungry pack with excellent street food. When choosing your food, you take a little trip around the world yourself, because the trucks have delicacies from all over the world with them: Mexican food, hamburgers, Italian ice cream or French pastries. Let yourself be inspired by the various influences. The Texans are incredibly proud of their Texas Brisket. Behind it is delicately cooked brisket in a smoky sauce. So you have to promise me one thing: Trying is a must! Enjoy your meal!

Brussels can do more than just fries

Another rather unusual candidate is the next stop on my list: Belgium’s capital, Brussels. The street food classics are certainly the Belgian fries, which are served with all kinds of sauces.

You should try this:

  • Belgian fries
  • Moules & fries
  • waffles
  • chocolate
  • Caricoles

Your first port of call here should be Maison Antoine ; safe sources claim this is the best chip shop around. While we’re on the classics, I would definitely like to recommend the Belgian waffles with their delicious toppings. You will not only get these in numerous cafés, but also at different stalls that are distributed throughout the city. But not only fixed stalls are recommended, if you have the time and want to try new things, you should pay a visit to Brussels’ markets . Nowhere else can you find “the whole world under one roof” so easily. Connoisseurs and aficionados mainly pounce on marine animals, for which Brussels is also known and loved. Eet smakelijk!

The unlimited opportunity market in London

Discoverers and vegetarians listened to and off to Tel Aviv

We are staying in Europe and heading to the UK’s capital, London. London doesn’t live street food in the classic sense, because food trucks are rarely seen here, except at festivals. When looking for goodies, foodies will find what they are looking for in London’s numerous markets.

You should try this:

  • Indian dishes
  • Fish & Dips
  • Pies

Borough Market is probably the most diverse and popular among them, because luxury foodies get their money’s worth here as well as “budget” foods, and the quality is equally high. Word of course gets around quickly, so that the saying “the early bird catches the worm” is particularly true in this market. Because you definitely want to enjoy pies, smoothies, pulled pork wrapped in puff pastry, fresh bread, all kinds of freshly cut cheese, suckling pig, filled donuts and many other things, right?

You see, I could go on for hours with no end in sight. Then what are you waiting for? And if the Borough Market wasn’t enough for you, you should definitely check out the Camden Lock Market ! Enjoy your meal, my dear!

Culinary Copacabana

Culinary Copacabana

Final spurt, my street food disciples. We embark on the journey to the last four stations. The next destination is Brazil! Anyone who is in Rio de Janeiro on their way to the beaches of Copacabana may have already noticed the great smells that waft over with every breeze.

You should try this:

  • Picanha
  • Feijoada
  • Pão de queij
  • Bacalhau
  • Brigadeiro

If you go on a search for its origins, you will automatically be directed to the booth of a local trader who prepares traditional food there . So before you go to the beach, you should definitely make time for the excellent street food. You get a fusion of Portuguese, Brazilian and Japanese food. There are also addictive fruit juices such as acai juice or you can drink fresh coconut water straight from the fruit. Treat yourself to wonderfully filled pies and dumplings, balls made from cheese and bread or meat skewers from the charcoal grill. Rice or a bean porridge is served with it. I can promise all of you those with a sweet tooth: Rio de Janeiro can also be sweet! Spain holidaymakers will perk up their ears at the word churros, because the fried sugar biscuits, which are often served with sweet milk cream or chocolate, also has numerous fans in Brazil. Or how about a counterpart to the famous chocolate truffle ? Brigadeiros are conjured up from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles. Bom proveito!

In Mexico City it’s all about the mix

In Mexico City it's all about the mix

Food enthusiasts, we’re off to Mexico City! With all its diversity, the metropolis could well be considered the birthplace of street food. After all, she has already found her own name, namely antojitos , for the delicacies.

You should try this:

  • Tacos
  • Tamales
  • Elote
  • Cueritos

Mexico City likes to show that Mexican cuisine does not only consist of tacos and quesadillas, even if these are of course irrevocably part of it. Newbies and experienced foodies should definitely use tamales: Corn dough is filled with all kinds of ingredients such as meat, cheese or vegetables, then wrapped in plant leaves and then steamed. Elote is no less delicious: Corn on the cob is first boiled or seared before being refined with onions, salt, lime juice, chilli and mayonnaise. Yes, you read that right. Mayonnaise gives the corn on the cob that little bit extra and ensures that the rest of the ingredients stick. As in Brazil, you should choose churros as a dessert in Mexico City. These are often served with a fruit filling instead of the sweet milk cream. At all street food stands in Mexico City, however, the following applies: Only go where there are many other tourists and only venture into areas that are guarded by the police. Qué aproveche, I wish you!