We Tested: 2-in-1 Beard of the Line Men Only of the Apothecary

The products of The Apothecary are always looking at the practicality of the masculine, it is for this reason that the brand lives by launching solutions “3 in 1” or up to “5 in 1” as is the case with the moisturizer protector for the face reviewed here. This 2-in-1 Beard of the line Men Only not-so-daring, taking on a task much more easy: the shaving and work with an after shave at the same time.

We Tested 2-in-1 Beard of the Line Men Only of the Apothecary

As I have always done tests in different situations for two weeks to know if the product is effective, then he had to face the beard for only 1 day, 3 days, post-bathroom, end-of-day, new blade, blade, old, etc. As you can see I am quite creative at the time of testing shaving creams, because you never know when it will be necessary, and such conditions can by the proof of the competence of the product.

What promises?*

  • Calm the skin from irritation;
  • Safe shave, close and smooth;
  • Assist in the softening of the hair and facilitate shaving;
  • Don’t let the beard or sticky skin;
  • Be easy to remove from the blade and not oily;
  • To condition and soften the beard.

*This information is shown on the product packaging.


For shaving apply a small amount of product on damp skin; for use only as a post shave apply a thin layer to dry skin whenever you want.

2-in-1 Beard The Apothecary – Experience and result

The 2-in-1 Beard works satisfactorily, but I confess that I didn’t expect less from a product that costs R$44,90 (here), because it’s not about a low price for something of this type. Of course, we have imported more than a hundred real, but we know that the value is inflated because of taxes and foreign exchange.

The act of shaving itself was quite easy and did not graduate from any point of irritation on the skin, even with the blade a little more worn. After you have withdrawn the product, the skin was soft and slightly silky, the effect did not last all day, but held reasonably well. Are 3 points in favour there!

The fact not to be a shaving foam pleases me very much, the gel (or cream, if you prefer) is far more easy to deal with, especially if you only want to match a beard voluminous, but the scent, as it is always a negative point, I know that this is a little personal, but I can’t seem to hit with the fragrances of The Apothecary, I think too strong for a shaving cream and it is even worse to know that are also in moisturisers and liquid soaps, leaving little space for the scent chosen for the day.